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A robust web-based complete software solution for the Home Health Therapy Contractor (all disciplines: PT, OT and ST) . The unique collaborative nature of the application is designed to significantly increase the communication, efficiency and satisfaction level of your agency clients, clinicians and staff. Agencies are able to access information and interact with your company in real-time, download clinician credentials, be informed of patient events, return clinical documentation for correction, exchange internal emails, interdisciplinary communication notes, doctor orders, billing etc... all this under the agency's own login. Agencies are considered additional users and don't have to incur in any costs to take advantage of all the capabilities of the system.
HomeHealthSoft allows you and your clinicians to connect to all your agencies using one single user-login. This feature is extremely beneficial, as it allows managers and decision makers have full visibility and complete control at a glance, over all the activities that take place in your organization.
If you are currently using your agency's software to run your business you may or may not realize that this approach can potentially have serious effects in your organization in more than a few ways; one of the most important ones is the employees' lack of satisfaction and commitment due to the excessive extra work created as a result of dealing with multiple software and with information disseminated all over the place.
We invite you to try our solution. We are confident that you will appreciate our product and hopefully join a our community of highly satisfied clients. We are a phone call away from good news for you.

Online Therapy Referrals

Receive online therapy referrals directly from agencies into your system. Once you receive the referral, you can schedule clinicians visits or let your clinicians schedule visits on their own. Receive instant notifications when a referral has been updated by the agency.

Patient Scheduling

Easily assign clinicians and schedule patient visits with a few clicks. The patient’s calendar let’s you see and create events, doctor orders, communication notes, missed visits, supervisions, etc. All visits from all disciplines can also be seen at a glance. Also receive alerts due to 30 day re-evaluations.

Internal Email

Send internal messages among the patient’s team members, case manager or any other authorized users. Some internal emails are automatically generated when creating certain types of alerts, such as, clinicians receive notification when they have been scheduled visits or assigned to a patient. Messages can optionally be sent to user personal email, via preferences.

Communication Notes

Send Interdisciplinary Communication notes similarly to internal messages, however they are clinical in nature, refer specifically to a patient and require an electronic signature. Communications notes are reflected in the patients calendar for easier reference.

Clinical Documentation

Our clinical forms are simple, short and yet comprehensive. Entering any clinical note into the system is very simple and efficient. Templates can be created to facilitate the entry of commonly diagnosis types.  All clinical documentation can be exported to PDF format and can be automatically emailed to the agency in conjunction with invoices.

A fully integrated system

Clinicians and managers can login into a single system and have access to patients from all agencies. If an agency hesitates to send referral, you may enter the patients as well. When a clinician visit note is approved by the contractor, that visit becomes immediately available for payroll and billing. More over, the visit note can be returned by the agency for correction by the clinician.

My Calendar

Allows clinicians, schedulers and managers to see individual’s workload and visits status (scheduled, in progress, approved, returned, etc) of clinicians. Clinicians can see/work with patients from other contractors as well, making it ideal for clinicians that work with more than one contractor.

Clinician Credentials

Clinicians have a centralized repository to maintain and easily scan and upload their credentials. Clinician credentials at this point become readily available to contractors and agencies for compliance, audit or other purposes. Alerts are also sent to clinicians and contractors when credentials are expired or about to be expired.


A flexible payroll system that allows you to set-up special payroll rates for special scenarios. After clinical notes are approved, they are automatically sent for payroll processing making payroll a one click activity.


Similar to Payroll, with the ability to set-up different types of billing rates. Once the note is completed, it instantly becomes available for billing, making the process very simple and efficient.

Need a comprehensive home health therapy contractor solution that can help you become more efficient, productive and profitable? Consider our value proposition!

HomeHealthSoft is a powerful application, designed from the ground up by a team of seasoned professionals, with ample experience in the IT and Home Health industries.

Why choose us?

  • Reliable: Does what it is suppose to do.
  • Collaborative: Excels in effective communications.
  • Efficient: Highly automated and simplified user interface.
  • Unlimited free training and support.
  • Reasonably priced; starting at $90/mo for solo user.
  • Flexible tiered pricing depending on you business size
  • Develop ad-hoc enhancements and functionality at no additional cost.
  • Fast, scalable, 99.8% uptime & HIPAA Compliant.
  • Mobile device friendly; tables and smart phones. Captures patient’s electronic signatures.

If you are not using a therapy software of your own, you may be incurring in higher operational costs and experiencing management challenges

Many therapy contractors are faced with the “need” to use “the agency’s software” to create their visit notes, schedules, communication notes, etc… in order to not lose their business with the agencies. Although this might be a natural reaction at first, you may or may not realize that this can be a tremendous counter productive business strategy on your part. We’ve seen contractor companies close their doors due to a lack of management combined with dissatisfied clinicians. Using the agency’s software should only be a short term solution. It is in your best interest to use your own software … it doesn’t necessarily have to be ours, simply use one of your own that provides you full visibility to your operations and streamline your processes, such as payroll and billing. Clinicians will be happy to use just one single login to manage their patients, schedules, comm notes, doctor orders, etc. , while providing you the ability to have the control you need to manage your company effectively.  

We develop ad-hoc functionality for your company at no extra cost

We are a unique company is many ways and one of the ways that we differentiate from the rest,  is our ability to develop enhancements or ad-hoc functionality for our clients at no extra cost to them. The reason behind this concept is that, more benefits are introduced to the system on a frequent regular basis, keeping in mind that an idea or enhancement for a particular client, will help the entire community. If you want an exclusive implementation for your organization only (for strategic or competitive reasons), we can provide that as well (depending on the size of the request, it may have a one time cost associated to it). At the end, the more feedback we receive from our clients, the better our product becomes. We are confident that we are in a position to address most of your most painful frustrations, while at the same time make your organization more successful and ultimately, improve your bottom line.

We become fully engaged in your transition and implementation

We work with you, provide you all the training and support you need to become fully operational at no additional cost to you. The idea is to set up a pilot project with a few users and one or two agencies, in such way that there is no impact to your current operations and normal activities. If you are currently using another software, we give up to 6 months to convert over, at no additional cost.



Testimonials from a variety of sources are being compiled  at this time.

Coming soon !   Complete nursing clinical documentation as part of our standard product offering for the therapy contractor.

.. be part of a rapidly emerging business by offering nursing services, thus increasing value and revenue !